Catholic Education
Video Release
(Sydney Australia)


To follow up his 2014 book Will Catholic Schools Be Catholic in 2030 which he co-wrote with Sr Leone Pallisier, Br Aengus Kavanagh has headed the production of the video Catholic Schools - Telling the Story, Growing the Story, Legacy & Mission. In the words of Aengus himself:

The above title is the theme of a video whose production has been sponsored by the Diocesan Directors of NSW & ACT. This video is intended as a digital aid to supplement existing resources used in the induction of staff new to working in Catholic schools and in Diocesan systems. Lasting under 30 minutes, it consists of three segments. There is the option to pause after each segment where trigger questions are included to invite reflection and discussion. The video could well be used also for general staff reflection on the story and the mission of Catholic schools.

The video features educationalists at all the different levels. One you may many know is our own Br Nicholas Harsas.

The launch of the video took place on the 30th March. The event was hosted by the Regional Director of Catholic Schools of the Inner West, Mr Michael Krawec; and the Executive Director of the Sydney Office, Dr Dan White, was the official launcher. Several Brothers were in attendance including Brother Peter Ryan (CL) and Brother George Xavier (DCL).

The full video is on the internet for all to see: