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The Deer’s Cry (vr.2)

This Shaun Davey musical version of “The Deer’s Cry” has been about since 1983. On the CD “The Pilgrim” it is sung by Rita Connelly, it is just one of many other wonderful pieces of Celtic music on the CD. Over the years many have put images to the music of “The Deer’s Cry” and our main effort, but not our first, was in 2011. It is time for an update perhaps, just in time for St Patrick’s Day. Version one remains on Youtube at The two versions are much the same in approach, just new images.

Delany’s Tullow & Tullow

Tullow, County Carlow, Ireland, was the centre-point of Bishop Daniel Delany's diocese of Kildare and Leighlin (1788 - 1814) and the birthplace of the Brigidine Sisters (1807) and the Patrician Brothers (1808), Bishop Delany being their founder. Here's a little look around Tullow with its Delany, Brigidine, and Patrician sites, and a look around the town itself. It is a town with much history and today many pleasant surprises for the visitor, everything from the ruins of an prehistoric fort to a renovated castle, from gardens old and new to valleys deep and green. It's worth a visit and I say that as a visitor.

Patrician Mountrath

Mountrath is the location of Bishop Daniel Delany's early childhood: born at Paddock in 1747, early education at Briscula, lived with his aunts in Mountrath town as he received further education from his aunts, Fr Lalor, and Protestant others. He left there for France in 1763 to study for the priesthood. He returned to Mountrath in 1777 for a short time before being moved to Tullow. His mother died in 1781 and is buried in Mountrath as are Daniel's father and younger Brother. Bishop Delany opened a church there in 1808.

The Patrician Brothers have been in Mountrath, Ireland, since 1810 teaching the local youth. They built their own monastery (1812) and were able to open a boarding school in 1827. In 1854 the primary section of that school moved up the road a little. In 1930 the boarding school moved to Ballyfin where it remained until 2009 when it amalgamated with other local schools to form Mountrath Community School back in Mountrath town.

Patrician Schools in India

I came across this video on the homepage of the Indian Province website. It provides a quick look at some of the Patrician schools in India. Well worth the viewing. It has a very pleasant version of The Breastplate as its audio.
Well done Patricianindia12.

Bishop Delany 200th

During 2014 the Brigidine Sisters, the Patrician Brothers, and the Bishop Delany family around the world, will be commemorating the 200th anniversary of his death. He died in the early hours of the 9th July, 1814, in his Irish parish of Tullow. As priests of his time and historians since have acknowledged, Bishop Delany and his achievements have been somewhat underestimated and under-appreciated. Because of his efforts diocesan priests, Brigidine Sisters, and Patrician Brothers, have taken the Catholic faith and education all across the globe. No mean achievement in its own right, but when you consider he did it all in the dark shadow of 18th and 19th century Penal days, then his efforts are miraculous. A testament to his vision, his courage, and his complete faith that God would provide.

This video on his life was made, in the most part, using the artwork of the students of Brigidine and Patrician colleges who participated in the 2013 Delany International Art Competition.

What is a Religious (Patrician) Brother?

This video was made to introduce Sydney students new to a Patrician-linked school to what
a Patrician Brother is all about. These students had never come across a Patrician Brother
before, and certainly many of them had probably never heard the term “brother” used in this way.
They probably knew what a priest was, MAYBE what a sister was, but had no idea about
what a brother was. So this video attempted to explain what a religious brother is using,
in the main, Patrician Brothers.

St Patrick and the Patrician Brothers

This video was made from an ABC radio interview with our Deputy Congregation Leader
Br Paul O’Keeffe in March, 2012. In the interview Br Paul is asked about St Patrick,
Patrician spirituality, Patrician founder Bishop Daniel Delany, and about Br Paul himself.