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Day 2
St Patrick’s College

After taking in some of the sights of Dublin including the Catholic Pro-Cathedral - designed by John Sweetman - the eating places of Temple Bar, and the architectural splendour of Trinity College, our pilgrims travelled a short distance west out of Dublin and into County Kildare to visit St Patrick’s College, Maynooth.

The forecourt of Trinity College.

A courtyard of St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, with its chapel in view.

St Patrick’s College, also known as Maynooth College, was established as a training college for Catholic priests in 1795. By 1850 it was the largest seminary in the world. Today it continues as the Republic’s only Catholic diocesan seminary but it also the campus of a Maynooth University. Today there are seventy-two young men training to be priests.

But two years before the establishment of St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, there was St Patrick’s College, Carlow, founded by Bishop James Keeffe and Bishop Daniel Delany. Bishop Keeffe starting the project, Bishop Delany bringing it to fruition. But that is another story.

While seeing to the fledgling years of his seminary in Carlow, Bishop Delany also became much involved with the establishment of the college at Maynooth. So much so that he was appointed one of the twenty-one founding trustees of the college, eleven of those bishops. It is not known when he ceased to be a trustee. So our pilgrims were very much stepping into the Bishop Delany story when they visited Maynooth.

They were treated to a private tour by a professor at the college. One of the very special places to visit is the college chapel and that is exactly where they were taken it seems.

20170926-Maynooth-Chapel-L 20170926-Maynooth-Tour-Chapel-L 20170926-Maynooth-Tour-L

Below we have a slideshow of the Maynooth visit provided by Mr Wade.

After Maynooth it was all the way to Galway on the south-western coast, Galway the location of the oldest school in the world bearing the name Patrician.

Galway with the dome of the Catholic Cathedral in the background.

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