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Day Three
Br Paul O’Connor Memorial ~ The Bish

Galway Sea L

Day three finds our pilgrims in historic Galway. It was here in 1826 where the Patricians made their fourth establishment of school and monastery (Tullow 1808 > Mountrath 1810 > Clarenbridge 1823 > Galway 1826). It was Br Paul O’Connor who led the Brothers into Galway, and it was Br Paul O’Connor who led the way in feedings thousands of poor Galway children. His efforts very much recognised over the years with two memorials in Galway to remember him and even a club in New York named after him. (This photo of Br Paul taken in 1869 is perhaps the oldest Patrician photo.)

One of those memorials is on a school gate in the centre of Galway town, and the other is a large Celtic Cross marking his grave next to the Brothers’ monastery at Kingston, Galway. This was the pilgrims second Patrician port of call in Galway. It was a “soft day” as they like to say in Ireland and the short walk from monastery to memorial was a wet one. But none was deterred.

When the pilgrims arrived at Kingston they were met by the community. After a short tour of the house they were given a short talk on Br Paul O’Connor and then a prayer led by community leader Br Niall Coll.

Galway-Monastery-L Aengus-with-Teacher-L
Patrician monastery Kingston where Br Aengus met Br Otteran Mohan his teacher at Mt St Joseph’s, Tullow.
Br Paul O’Connor memorial, Kingston ~ Prayer led by Br Niall in Brothers’ Chapel

The first Patrician port of call at Galway was St Joseph’s Patrician College, locally known as The Bish, the oldest school in the world still bearing the name Patrician. It was established in 1862. The Principal of the school is Mr Ciaran Doyle. Mr Doyle has himself visited the Patrician schools in Sydney, and he, at The Bish, has already before been visited by Sydney Patrician Principals.

After being formally welcomed to the College by Mr Doyle and the College Captain the pilgrims were given the grand tour and mingled with the college staff during morning tea. Then they were driven to Kingston in the College bus.

Galway-The-Bish-Banner-L Galway-The-Bish-Group-L
L-R: Mr Phillip Steward (Ryde), students, Mr Santo Passarello (Blacktown)
Mr Ciaran Doyle (Galway), Br Peter Ryan (CL).
Principal Doyle, Deputy Principals John Madden and Seamus Cahalan,
and student leaders Jack Keady and Darragh Connelly, with the pilgrims.

Patrician Principals: Mr Robert Muscat, Mr Santo Passarello, Mr Ciaran Doyle, Mr Phillip Stewart,
Mr Stephen Gough, Mr Peter Wade

Meet the 2014 staff of The Bish:

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