Patrician Locations ~ Dubai

On the evening of the 22nd August, 2012, Brother Jerome Ellens, Congregation Leader, and Brother Joseph Njamatholil of the Indian Province, arrived at Dubai international airport to begin a Patrician mission at Dubai.

While there have been Patrician connections in Dubai for many years, the Patrician move to the region has been comparatively sudden. Br Jerome has never been one to run on the spot, and soon after negotiating the missioning of two Brothers to South Sudan his gaze was turned to the United Arab Emirates.

An invitation came from Bishop Paul Hinder of the Vicariate of South Arabia to consider partnering with the Diocese in administering St. Mary’s Catholic School, Dubai. Br Jerome and Br Joseph were there in May meeting with the Bishop and others of the school executive. Br Joseph was interviewed for Principal of the school and was accepted.

As stated, that happened in May and three months later Br Jerome and Br Joseph returned to Dubai to a warm - very warm - welcome.

Their arrival in Dubai was so swift that accommodation for them had not been organised - so reminiscent of so many beginnings of Patrician missions over the years - and so they stayed with the Capuchins of the St Mary’s parish for the first week during which time they revisited Bishop Paul Hinder, visited the Comboni Sisters, and had lunch with the managing director of St Mary’s Catholic Schools Mr Joe Flynn.

The school was founded in 1968 by Fr Eusebius Daveri, just a single room with two lay teachers. Today it has over 2,500 students of over forty nationalities. The Comboni Sisters took over the school in 1978 and developed it into the best English school in Dubai.

Now it comes under the leadership of a Patrician: Br Joseph Njamatholil. We believe the staff is second-to-none, and so he will have ample support to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the school as a centre of Christian learning.

Br Jerome will remain in Dubai until May 2013 when other Brothers will come from India to join Br Joseph in community and in the school.

Brother Paul Paracattil joined Br Joseph. He taught economics and then took over the accounts administration of the school.

In July 2015 the Brothers withdrew from the school and returned to India.


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