Delany College, Granville
Turns 75

This year Delany College, Granville, celebrates 75 years since its foundation in 1942. It was the first Patrician school “out west” in the Sydney suburbs. The text below was written by College Principal Mr Robert Muscat and comes from the College’s newsletter which can be found with wonderful photos at


Dear Delany community,

St Patrick’s day 2017 was an immensely proud day for the College as we celebrated our at St Patrick’s Cathedral. We were privileged to have the following guests present to mark the occasion:

Mr Leo Budin (Brother Vincent), original staff member from 1942.
Brother Peter Ryan, Congregational Leader of the Patrician Brothers.
Brothers of the Patrician Order.
Ms Julie Owens, Federal Member of Parramatta.

Ms Julia Finn, State Member of Granville
Mr Michael Krawec, past Principal of Delany College, currently Director of the Inner West Region, Archdiocese of Sydney.
Mr Peter Wade, Mr Kevin Jones, Mr Quentin Evans and Mr Michael Barrington, past lay Principals of Delany College.
Mr Santo Passarello, Mr Stephen Gough, Mr Phillip Stewart,

Patrician School Principals and their respective senior student leaders.
Ms Helen Boyer, Ms Yvette Baird and Mr Kevin Jones, feeder Primary Principals.
Mr and Mrs Jim Newell, longtime friends of the College and St Vincent de Paul representatives.

Although the physical site has changes since 1942, with innovative learning spaces and high-end facilities, including thousands of students and teachers who have come and gone, what has remained the same is the experience – a quality Catholic education infused with a Patrician charism.

It is a charism founded on humility, welcoming and service and it’s best described by the words of Pope Francis when he said “Catholic education needs to be accessible and available to people everywhere, particularly at the margins of society, and that we need to present a human face of our faith to people in those places.”

It is our responsibility to keep the light of Christ shining in the hearts of our young people so as to ensure that the core values of love, service and hope live on for the betterment of society.

Although many people had participated in making this occasion memorable I would particularly like to recognize Mrs Karina Stow, College Religious Education Coordinator, Ms Sarah Olsen, Music and Choir teacher and all the College Administration staff. Thank you also to all the parent volunteers who helped with the BBQ at the College. Everyone played a vital role in making the day a huge success.

God bless
Mr Robert Muscat Principal