Pope Francis at a meeting with male Superiors General in Rome in 2014 announced the Year of Consecrated Life.

Following are several videos that will be found on YouTube and which are related to the Year of Consecrated Life. Also provided is a precis of each video.

Make sure you see #10 for a really excellent and succinct history of CL.

De La Salle of mid-west America. Three reasons for the year.
3m 45s
a) The year is a time to renew, to give thanks, and for vocations.
b) To do: open house, day of prayer.

Interview with Sr. Rita Larivée, SSA How significant is this year for the religious in Canada? Why it is significant.
15m 50s
a) How significant is the year?
b) Need to do an interior search; Need to look out into the world; Need for community and life meaning; Need to connect with the religious of the world; Need to share the Divine.
c) Events: one-day meetings; website dedicated to the year; develop reflections on religious life; establish a committee of religious life.
d) Why celebrate: we are a gift.
e) The end of religious life? But something is emerging. A lot to be optimistic about.

Various young religious men and women interviewed. England.
21m 6s
a) Types of religious orders: enclosed and apostolic.
b) Relevance in today’s world.
c) Explanation of vows in today’s world.
d) Why this way of life.
e) What religious life has to offer.
f) What is essential in religious life.

Religious from five different congregations in Ireland share how they discerned the call to their vocation.
4m 22s
a) Young religious.
b) Four different people interviewed.
c) Ministries.
d) What’s to like about being a religious.

Marist Brothers, USA.
8m 47s
a) Four senior brothers interviewed.
b) Spirituality and charism.
c) The Marist story.
d) Ministries
e) Their own stories
f) The lifestyle

“Wake the World With Dawning Joy” – YCL anthem
2m 40s

A History of Religious Life - Part 1 of 2: Introduction-Eras
(7m17s); Very Beginnings (9m8s); First Communities (6m30s);
Early Religious Life & the Church (3m35s); St Benedict (8m);
Irish Monasticism (4m43s); First Reforms (6m27s);
The Mendicants-Francis & Dominic (5m28s); continues
next video.
Holy Cross Vocations
The content is excellent; the video clarity could be better. I am
hoping to do something about this.

A History of Religious Life - Part 2 of 2: The Jesuits (11m08s);
Jesuits & Reformation (3m38s); Early Women Groups (2m37s):
France (9m28s); USA (11m30s); Post Vatican II (5m48s)
Holy Cross Vocations
Again, the content is excellent; the video could be better.

The Year of Consecrated Life
Holy Cross Vocations
Click here and you can download notes based on Fr Waugh’s
presentation. May be of assistance if you wish to show the
talk or decide to give one yourself.

History of Consecrated Life
Vision Vocation Guide
This is a really excellent video both in content and presentation.
It provides a very systematic and clear account of the history.


A. What is a Religious Brother?

B. Patrician Brofiles - There are seven of these.

Br Joseph Anoop - USA

Br Paul O’Keeffe - Australia & Papua New Guinea

Kenya Br Phelim:
Kenya Br Colm: